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{How Do You Track Alcohol?} 🧐
Like to have a drink every now and then - guess what? When it comes to flexible dieting, that’s perfectly okay! Alcohol is technically the weird “4th macro” as it provides your body with 7 calories per gram, but because it’s not essential for survival, it’s not typically mentioned along side protein, fat, and carbs.

Keep in mind that alcohol has value as energy, but NO nutritional value such as vitamins, minerals, or fiber. It’s very similar to consuming “empty carbs” like table sugar.

So…how do you go about fitting alcohol into your macros?

You can either count your alcohol as a substitute for carbs or fat, or a mix of both depending on what your macro plan for the day is.

🍷Take the total calorie content of your drink and divide it by 4 if you’re going to count it towards your carbs.
🍷Divide by 9 if you’re going to count it towards your fat. This is because carbs have 4 calories per gram and fats have 9…simple as that!

As an example, lets take a look at a 5-ounce glass of wine - we’re not even going to worry about the macro content, just the total calories. You’d do the same for hard liquor, beer, etc.

🍷Five ounces of red wine has 125 calories. If we decide to fit it into our carbs, we’ll divide the calories by 4 - so it counts as 31g of carbs.
🍷If we wanted to plug wine into our fat allotment, we’d divide by 9 and count it as 14g of fat.

Want to learn more about macros and flexible dieting? Shoot me an email, I’m happy to help!

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