Extroverted Introvert - Say whaaat?

If you’re anything like me, you handle social situations just fine. You can be outgoing, social, etc., but at the end of the event, you feel completely drained and desperately need your alone time.


Very few people see the introvert side of me because when I’m coaching, training clients, or at any social events, I’m talkative, enthusiastic, and generally pretty approachable. But that doesn’t mean I’m an extrovert.


I desperately need my alone time! I love staying home and having date nights with myself, lol. In fact, if I go too long without having my alone time, my stress and anxiety shoot up like crazy!


A prime example is this past weekend. I flew to Washington, D.C. to attend the Nutritional Coaching Institute’s Level 1 Certification. The course was 2 days long with 8 hours of teaching each day. There were approximately 80 participants (and about 40 more attending via the live stream). We went through introductions and then right into the course. We had breaks every so often and during that time people stretched their legs, used the bathroom, and mingled. 


Quick side bar - On Saturday, June 30th and Sunday July 1st, NCI is hosting their first ever Certification for a Cause. The father of NCI's team photographer, Brittanee, was diagnosed with cancer. Even worse, they are not in a position to afford the necessary medical treatments to help him beat this awful disease.


You can take this course in person in Arizona, or via live stream!


Okay, back to what I was saying...

Just that amount of socializing both days, along with learning sooo much valuable information, completely DRAINED me! When my roommate Shannon and I got back to our hotel room Sunday after the course, I was sooo tired! I told her I was going to take a quick nap before we went out for dinner and explored D.C. Well, my “nap” turned into me sleeping for an entire 2 hours! 🙈 I fell asleep fast, and I slept hard! I’m grateful she was so patient with me, haha.


So yes, I’m definitely outgoing, but not all the time.


Some people are more extrovert, some are more introvert, and some people are a good balance of both, which is called an ambivert. But I am definitely an extroverted introvert.


If you’re confused, here are a few things to know about extroverted introverts like me.

  • I’m often quiet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk.

    • The thing is though, I highly dislike small talk. I don’t know why, I just do. I’d rather not talk than sit there and talk about todays weather. 🤷🏻‍♀️


  • I’m fine being around a lot of people, and I enjoy social situations, but that doesn’t mean that I want to talk. Lol, confusing, I know. Going back to the first point, if I have to have small talk (something I dislike and that requires a lot of effort from me) with a bunch of different people, it really drains me! I’d rather sit and talk with one person, or a few people the entire time than engage in small talk with everyone.


  • I never have people over to hang out. I’m not a hostess by any means. My idea of having a friend, or friends over is us hanging out watching tv, maybe even falling asleep on the couch, and basically just doing what we would normally do, but with each other. 

    • For example, one of my best friends and I (Alex) would just hang out and watch tv, scroll through social media, cuddle with our dogs, randomly shoot the shit, and just fxcking chill!

    • If you’re like that too, I’m accepting applications. I don’t have anyone like that here. lol


  • I HATE talking on the phone. Seriously. If close family or friends call me, I immediately think that something is wrong (because they know me and they never call, lol). I also sometimes really suck at responding to texts because I just don’t want to talk to anyone. It’s nothing personal, it’s just how I cope.


  • Something that most people don’t realize is that despite needing my alone time, I do get lonely. It’s a struggle sometimes because even though I might be feeling lonely and want to go out, my house is so comfy that I won’t want to leave. 🤦🏻‍♀️


  • Even though I put myself out there on social media, I tend to live in my head and am actually a really private person. 


  • Flirtatious…no, I’m not being flirtatious! I know that interacting with people is a necessary part of life, and I make an effort to do so intentionally. I genuinely want you to know that you have my undivided interest and attention, but I’m not flirting. 


In a nutshell, all this really means is that after so much talking and social interaction, I’m in desperate need of a recharge…and sometimes that comes in the form of being alone, or taking a 2 hour “nap”. ;)