Scale Fluctuations When We Drink

It's the weekend, and for a lot of us it's also when we let our hair down and enjoy some adult beverages. But have you ever wondered about scale fluctuations when you drink?


Here's some info for ya.🍻 ⚖️


A good “diet” is one you can stick to. If you can’t see yourself doing something for the long haul, then it probably won’t work out for you as a legit lifestyle change. So if I were you, I’d do an about-face and run like hell from any program, template, or coach that says you’re not allowed to drink whatsoever. Remember, sustainability and flexibility are the name of the game, babes!


When it comes to alcohol, think of it kind of like the opposite of fiber, whereas fiber keeps things running smoothly, alcohol does the opposite. Alcohol actually slows down your metabolism, and your body’s normal processes are interrupted as your body makes metabolizing the alcohol it’s first priority.


Another thing to consider is that your body doesn’t metabolize protein/carbs/fats when there is alcohol present, so try to keep food and alcohol separate. (“Try”…I know, I know…😉 )


As you can see in the infographic, the scale tends to be a bit predictable when you drink alcohol.


Empirically (by means of observation or experience), we tend to see that if you drink on Friday, you’ll typically wake up a tad lighter the next day (due to dehydration, or getting chocolate wasted and throwing up [if you know the “chocolate wasted” reference, here’s a high five for you!🖐]) Then you’ll potentially weigh in a bit heavier the following 2-3 days, and finally the scale will typically go back to “normal”.


You can see how this could be a total nightmare if you drink multiple times per week and are trying to lose weight and/or body fat. The scale would be all over the place!


How drastic your weight fluctuates also depends on what you eat when you’re drinking, and if you’re like me - it’s usually something pretty tasty and calorie dense.🤤


So what can you do to make the best out of those days that you know you’re going to have a drink?


✨ Have a protein and veggie packed breakfast and lunch so that you can free up some macros for later in the day.


✨ Ensure you workout that morning.


✨ Set a limit on the amount of drinks you’ll have before going out. (1-2 should be plenty)


✨ Limit your drinking to once a week. (If you’re actively trying to lose fat/weight for sport, competition, etc., then alcohol should be minimized/removed as much as possible)


✨ Choose high quality/simple drinks over the sugary cocktails or anything with soda. For example: vodka tonic, dirty martini, your favorite liquor on the rocks, etc.


✨ If you’re not drinking because of your goals (or you just don't feel like it), but you still want to go out with friends and not be peer pressured into drinking, order yourself a club soda or seltzer water with lime. No one will know there’s not any vodka in there 😇.




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