WHY I Coach

For about 7 months from 2012 - 2013 I was in a pretty dark place and had turned to partying/excessive drinking as my outlet. When I say excessive, I mean staying out until 3 - 4am on the weekends (and some weekdays), drinking 1-2 bottles of wine at home alone during the week, showing up to work late while practically still drunk, drunk driving on more than one occasion, and waking up at some random house once…


Obviously I’m not proud of any of that, but I believe it was something I was supposed to go through so that I could pull myself out of it.


Unfortunately something horrible happened (not to me, but to someone very close to me) that ended up being my eye-opener. I knew I needed to make a change ASAP! I hired a coach and promised myself that in addition to eating better and working out more, I wouldn’t drink at all for at least a month, and I stuck to it!




One of the main reasons; WHY I’m so passionate about coaching, is because I know there are some deep rooted issues/reasons why people turn to health and fitness. Yes, it usually starts with surface answers like, “I want to lose weight”, or “I want to look good in my clothes”, but more times than not, people’s reasons are much deeper than that - and I know this because I’ve experienced it first hand! I was trying to mask the heartache and pain I was feeling with alcohol, which snowballed into something that could have gotten me physically hurt, assaulted, killed, or heaven forbid…I could have hurt or killed someone else. 😞


The reason I turned to health and fitness was because I needed something to help pull me out of my destructive habits, force me to feel and deal with what was going on in m life, and help me get back to the “real” me. Sure, when I first started I told myself it was because I had gained weight from all the excessive drinking and eating like crap (which was true), but when I got honest with myself and really peeled back the layers, instead of just scratching at the surface, the REAL reasons appeared.


I had lost my self confidence, my self worth, I was emotionally and mentally weak, and I hated myself - but only I knew this. To everyone else, I was a strong, smart, motivating Marine. No one (except maybe 3 of my closest friends) knew that I was struggling. The people I worked with, my peers and my leadership, not one of them ever asked how I was doing (and they all knew I was going through a pretty big life changing event). So, I reached out to someone else, someone I had never met, to help me “get back in shape”. But like I said, getting back in shape was the surface answer, and even though I made great physical changes/progress, that was just a bonus. The real prizes were regaining my mental and emotional strength, improving my mindset, reclaiming my self-worth and confidence, and learning to love myself again.


All of my past experiences have led me to where I am today, and whether they were good or bad, I’m thankful for all of them because I learned from them, they’ve made me a better person, and more importantly a better coach.


My “why” for coaching isn’t just about helping you drop a few pounds, it’s about getting you back to a place of self confidence, self love, and showing you that YOU ARE FXCKING UNBREAKABLE - and that when you decide to take action and sprint - no one is going to catch you!


Don't let your pride deceive you. Acknowledge those things that are deep down below the surface, and have the courage to be 100% honest with yourself. Peel back those layers to find your “why”. When you do, write them down and address them, and then take one small action step each day that will help you move forward.

I believe in you. You just need to believe in you too. 

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