Your Bullshit Stories!

I’m just like you…

I struggle with confidence sometimes; confidence in some of my abilities - like in my business, my intelligence, my cooking, in transforming my body, etc.

But I know that most of that stems from the bullshit stories I tell myself.

Remember the other day when I posted about our ball busting, bitch of an inner critic?


Well, you best believe that negative self talk affects your confidence.

And what’s even worse is that if you continue to tell yourself these bullshit stories, like, “I’ll never feel confident in my body” - you will 100% start to believe it.

And do you know what that leads to? It leads to more of the same, which is nothing. It leads to you not even attempting to try.

That’s right, you literally won’t even start because you already believe it will never happen.

What kinda fxcked up shit is that?

Why do we self-sabotage?

The number one reason I hear from clients and people that reach out to me is:

“I’m afraid to fail”

But rooted in that fear of failure isn’t the disappointment you’ll have in yourselves, it’s more about what the people around you will think, or say if you fail.

I’m here to say, FXCK THAT!

You need to remember that you fxcking matter and deserve to do this for yourself because of all the positive things it will do for you!

Things like feeling more confident and better overall, helping you to be a better partner and/or parent, helping you actually want to go on date nights with your partner, playing with your kids without getting winded, riding rides with your kids at amusement parks, rocking that bikini you’ve been eyeballing, the list literally goes on and on!

Right now, for me, the area I struggle with confidence the most is in my business. And rather than continue to spin my wheels and continue to try to figure it out on my own, I hired a coach.

I want to be successful in my business and I know that I can’t do it all alone. I need a support system and for someone to help me see the things I can’t, but most importantly - I want the accountability.

You deserve to feel confident. You are worth it. You owe it to yourself to take the time and make the investment to feel the way you want to feel, look the way you want to look, perform the way you want to perform…

YOU are in control, no one else. Don’t quit on yourself before you’ve even started.

I believe in you, I hope you do too. 🖤


Rise Up & Persevere

- Coach T

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